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Meet our bloggers… Elyse Muro, is a 25 year old counseling psychology graduate student who believes she finally found her calling. Rachael Kroot is a bubbly broadcast meteorology graduate student who is spending her time in graduate school chasing storms and preparing to appear on a TV screen near you! Sarah is a working mother of 2 who shares her challenges as she applies to Speech Language Pathology programs. You’ll also get to know Brad, a full time law student and new father, Bree, a project management graduate student working to balance the needs of a husband and her 3 young children, Esther, a hard working future business mogul, Melissa who is preparing for a career in social work, Mary the psychology graduate student, and Eileen, the wife of a law student Our bloggers share their decision making process, application stories, struggles and triumphs during grad school. Want to share your story with the community? Contact

Follow Elyse as she Earns her Master's in School Counseling

Elyse is a second-year graduate student earning her master's in school counseling. Follow her as she shares the ins and outs of her grad experience from tips and tricks to the struggles and triumphs of life as a school counseling graduate student.

Follow Rachael As She Applies to Graduate School

Rachael Kroot is a twenty-something graduate student at Mississippi State University. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Broadcast Meteorology. In this series Rachael shares her triumphs and struggles as a graduate student. Follow her story from the search for the right graduate program for her to her final comprehensive exam.

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Follow Sarah's Application Adventures

Sarah is a working mother of two who is juggling the grad school application process along with her daily life responsibilities. Take a peek into her life and follow her grad school application adventures.

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