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Review the graduate school articles in this section to learn everything you need to know about the graduate school process from applying to programs to juggling class and work.

Applying to Graduate School

So you have decided graduate school is right for you and you have taken your standardized test. Now it is time to prepare your application. Most applications require prospective students to obtain 2-3 letters of recommendation, provide standardized testing scores and submit a personal statement. Some schools may even require applicants to send a letter of intent, and participate in an extensive interview process. Each element of your application will help tell the story of who you are, and how you will contribute to the program. The articles in this section may help you fine tune your essay writing skills, appropriately present yourself during interviews, obtain respectable letters of recommendation, and avoid common application mistakes to help you present your story to the admissions committee in a powerful and meaningful manner.

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Before You Apply

Graduate school requires a huge investment of time and money which means you want to be sure you are making informed decisions before you apply to graduate school. You may first want to determine if graduate school is in-fact right for you, then you may want to ensure that you are choosing a field of study that suits your personality, and your academic and professional goals. Next you can determine how you want to study (online or on campus) and where you want to study (geographic location). Once you have all of that information straightened out you can start to prepare for your standardized test (GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT). Your standardized test scores may help you determine which programs you will be eligible to apply to. The work of a graduate student never ends, and it starts when you decide that you want to earn your graduate degree.

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Grad School Roadmap

Get expert graduate school advice from Dr. Don Martin, who has spent more than 28 years working in higher education administration, including serving as a director of graduate admissions at a number of prestigious institutions, and is the author of the popular Road Map for Graduate Study guidebook.

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Graduate Student Blogs

Meet our bloggers… Elyse Muro, is a 25 year old counseling psychology graduate student who believes she finally found her calling. Rachael Kroot is a bubbly broadcast meteorology graduate student who is spending her time in graduate school chasing storms and preparing to appear on a TV screen near you! Sarah is a working mother of 2 who shares her challenges as she applies to Speech Language Pathology programs. You’ll also get to know Brad, a full time law student and new father, Bree, a project management graduate student working to balance the needs of a husband and her 3 young children, Esther, a hard working future business mogul, Melissa who is preparing for a career in social work, Mary the psychology graduate student, and Eileen, the wife of a law student Our bloggers share their decision making process, application stories, struggles and triumphs during grad school. Want to share your story with the community? Contact

Life After Graduate School

Earning a graduate degree is a great accomplishment, but the real value of your degree is evidenced by the benefits it brings throughout your life. One of the first things you have to do, (once you are done celebrating) is to determine how to leverage your degree to help you meet personal and professional goals (and pay down your student debt). It may seem strange to finally be able to say that you are finished with school, but the true academic understands that their education never ends. There are so many more learning experiences coming your way. These articles will help you plan for your life after graduate school: explore career opportunities, find out how to join and participate in professional organizations, learn how to find a job, negotiate your salary and more.

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Subject-Specific Articles

These articles provide subject specific information on various areas of graduate study. Learn what it is like to work as a forensic psychologist, or the typical curriculum requirements for students enrolled in an architecture graduate program. Information includes: interviews with current and former students and faculty in specific fields of study, curriculum overviews, application tips, and much more. For an expanded selection on online graduate degree programs visit eLearners, our partner specializing in information about online learning.

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Surviving Graduate School

Currently fighting through graduate school? Let these articles serve as your corner man, standing just behind the ropes and helping you with every step of the process. Here you will find tips, advice and reassurance as you work to earn your advanced degree.

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